November 16, 2020

Why the Military Punishes Misconduct but the Police Close Ranks. w/ Dr. Dwight Stirling

Dr. Stirling wrote and article describing an incident in which the military was looking for transparency and justice. The Trump administration had stepped in to stop the prosecution of the alleged wrong doer. Stirling equated that by stepping in to stop investigation and prosecution a message would be sent to other personnel that misconduct would be tolerated. He stated that he did not want the military to become like so many police departments. Some may take offense to his characterization of police, however, I think his take is important. Many people have negative thoughts concerning the police, and it's time to hear why and then change.

#policereform #policetransparency #police #police transparancy #change #bluelivesmatter #black lives matter #corruption #military #militaryjustice #defundthepolice

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