August 25, 2019

Militarization of the Police

Close your eyes and imagine its 6 am and an armored humvee rolling down your street. Attached to its side are police officers outfitted for war. As they reach their target location, they disembark and stack up on the front and rear doors in tight formation. They then throw a flashbang through the window of a young child who has not yet aroused for school. The flashbang breaks the window and severely injures the child. The evening news reports that the child is still in the hospital and will be there for some time. They also report that the raid was conducted over $50 drug deal and the initial target was not located. There were no arrests. I hope this scenario gives you some concern over how and when SWAT teams are deployed around the country. This episode we will explore what we can do to make sure our police agencies stay on mission and not extend to drug raids and other situation which routine officers should handle. 

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