August 11, 2019

Filming the Police

I completely understand that people are skeptical of police intervention and surveillance. Because of video cameras and smartphones this society has become emboldened to video record police activities. I do not have any problem with this whatsoever. I do have a problem with antagonistic behavior from cop watchers who are trying to do something good but going about it the wrong way. Wasting an officer's time is a waste of time and taxpayer resources. Walking around videoing government building just because you can and want to see the reaction you are going to get from the police is ridiculous. People, ordinary citizens are nervous about such activity, and rightly so. They will call the police and in turn, a response is required from law enforcement. How is any of this productive? To any officer, let the lessons of viral videos sink through. Be on your P's and Q's for people who want to video just because they can. 

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