Dr. Dawn Perlmutter returns to Captain Hunter's Podcast to discuss the recent surge of attempts to remove confederate statues and symbols from the public square. In our previous discussion, I believe she was channeling a prophet when she suggested that when we see an attack on symbols it would be followed by physical violence. (https://captainhunter.podbean.com/?s=perlmutter) Boy was she right!. Look at the mess that is occurring around us every day.

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This episode we will continue our discussion with Dr. Dawn Perlmutter. In a previous episode, we discussed symbolism, ritualistic killings, and cult practices. Today we will continue and explore the Bue Lives Matter movement and its direct opposition to Black Lives Matter. It seems as if Blue Lives is saying forget about Black Lives and its Blue Matter that should matter. Does Dr. Perlmutter agree with me? Check it out and see. 

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Dr. Dawn Perlmutter is a symbol and ritualistic crimes expert. She specializes in analyzing crimes scenes and interpreting signs and symbols in cultic, gang and other practices. She wrote an article for Law Enforcement Today concerning the Blue Lives Matter Flag and how some wish to link it to white supremacy. Dr. Perlmutter was kind enough to express her views on the podcast. We got so engrossed in the conversation concerning her work that I decided to break up the episode into 2 parts. Make sure you catch the next episode with Dr. Perlmutter as we discuss the Blue Lives Matter flag and movement. This episode we discuss signs, symbols, and ritualistic crimes. 

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